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How to elaborate the discussion of dissertation analysis chapter

Basically, the discussion section, in the analysis chapter, informs the reader the meaning of your findings, why and how valuable they are. Unfortunately, while doing this most researchers experience doubt, which is obviously not good. They also tend to face anxiety that results from the need to think creatively and analytically. As a result, understanding ways through which one can elaborate discussion in the analysis chapter will be helpful.

In reality, dissertations need to have discussion like elements, although they do so in different ways. Mainly, the best approach to begin is just to write, probably writing what you think and then re-writing it later. However, there are some basic techniques that can be employed.

The first technique is the compare and contrast technique. In this, you may choose to draw up a table that will help you describe how your work is similar to the previous works on similar topic as well as where it differs. Subsequently, the points obtained from doing this can be used as a prompt to write a paragraph that will outline the reasons behind the deviations or similarity.

On the other hand, you can also use “the big machine” strategy that was developed by Howard Becker. In this, you will need to pretend that your results have been produced by a machine, and therefore, you will need to describe the machine. How it works, how it would look like, what parts it would need, and what may make the machine to break.

Another helpful method is the null hypothesis technique. The null hypothesis strategy basically needs you to write down the reasons why the results does not mean anything. This may actually force you to argue in reverse position and therefore, be in a position to highlight the relationships together with ideas that are worth exploring.

More importantly, having an audience also helps. This technique involves explaining the results to a friend and then recording yourself. Most people find it easier to talk in order to get their ideas out. Similarly, you can write them and send them to someone.

Finally, it is crucial that you elucidate the limitations of your work. This will comprise of what you are yet to do and what is left out. Sometimes, talking about limitations will enable you to be in a better position to define the contribution achieved through your study.

These among other strategies will help you elaborate discussion in the analysis chapter.

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